Cut Tos in your videos: Engage Viewers for Longer

August 24, 2015 § Leave a comment

People_Amaxed_blogimageMovement in your corporate video is an essential part of engagement. Many business videos are static. This is understandable: people want to show the great things(s) that they do so they naturally produce a video where someone is sitting on a stool or at their desk explaining a product or service. While you do need to show what you do and the benefits you offer, viewers will only focus on a static scene for so long. They have to already be incredibly interested in the topic to engage with your content. But you need to attract new potential customers by engaging people in your story, while delighting people who are already interested in what you provide.

Consider creating Cut-Tos (Pronounced Kut-Toos) as a way to move your story along in an engaging way. A Cut-To is an image – another shot essentially, that the viewer is transported to. Cut-Tos are a form of movement in a video that engages the viewer by breaking the monotony of a single shot or scene. Ideally, Cut-Tos support and add colour to your story line.

You may be talking about trees and you Cut-To an image of a giant Califiornia Red Wood, or Cut-To a length of wood moving through an industrial cutting machine. Your Cut-Tos are related to your main story line, and an integral part of it. Creating Cut-Tos shifts attention, and keeps things moving so your viewers don’t tune out while looking at a static image.

More on Movement and Cut-Tos in your video projects to come…. Meanwhile, talk to us about creating an engaging video that promotes your brand, business and story.



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