Cut Tos in your videos: Engage Viewers for Longer

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People_Amaxed_blogimageMovement in your corporate video is an essential part of engagement. Many business videos are static. This is understandable: people want to show the great things(s) that they do so they naturally produce a video where someone is sitting on a stool or at their desk explaining a product or service. While you do need to show what you do and the benefits you offer, viewers will only focus on a static scene for so long. They have to already be incredibly interested in the topic to engage with your content. But you need to attract new potential customers by engaging people in your story, while delighting people who are already interested in what you provide.

Consider creating Cut-Tos (Pronounced Kut-Toos) as a way to move your story along in an engaging way. A Cut-To is an image – another shot essentially, that the viewer is transported to. Cut-Tos are a form of movement in a video that engages the viewer by breaking the monotony of a single shot or scene. Ideally, Cut-Tos support and add colour to your story line.

You may be talking about trees and you Cut-To an image of a giant Califiornia Red Wood, or Cut-To a length of wood moving through an industrial cutting machine. Your Cut-Tos are related to your main story line, and an integral part of it. Creating Cut-Tos shifts attention, and keeps things moving so your viewers don’t tune out while looking at a static image.

More on Movement and Cut-Tos in your video projects to come…. Meanwhile, talk to us about creating an engaging video that promotes your brand, business and story.



Video Advertising: Happy Client :)

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First_Aid_ImageFirst Aid for Leather is achieving a click through rate (CTR) of 6%. I am told the average is about 2%.

I’d like to think the high CTR is because our video is engaging and humorous but I honestly don’t know. I do know that we are going to keep making videos that move people to do important things like click a mouse.

Talk to us today about a video to engage your market.

Google Maps: Expect Them

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Thumbnail_Gus_The team at Improv-Media happened to film this the other night.

Google, true to form: Ubiquitous and Playful.

Click on the picture or click here: GOOGLE MAPS.

Creating Humour in your Videos: A Universal Method.

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sex_worker_carAmeriquest Mortgage Company skillfully brings humor into their story and brand by showing how people can be set up to think a certain way.

Watch their videos by clicking the picture on the left.

Ameriquest is poking fun at a universal method to create humor: It amuses us to have the story take a direction our minds did not foresee.

There are many ways to create humor and engagement in your videos. Ask us how we can create humor for you.

Your brand: What change does your video show?

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butterflyStories are about change.

Your brand is also about change.

What changes because of your brand and business?

Talk to us about an engaging video story for your brand and business.

Short Attention Spans: Use Humour in your Videos

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goldfish-8402A typical Gold Fish (depicted here) has an attention span of about 9 seconds.

I can only guess how they found that out.

In 2013, the National Center for Biotechnology Information (US) reported our attention spans to be about 8 seconds.

Humour is known to keep people engaged for longer.

Ask us how to incorporate humour into your videos.

What do you want your business video to do for you?

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First_Aid_ImageThe goal behind the First Aid for Leather Video was to promote their brand through social media in a creative, engaging and fun way.

To get real value and a return on your video investment remember that the video itself is not a whole strategy, it’s a tool used to make a bigger marketing machine. Read more of Rosalind Henshell’s article.

Talk to us about producing a video as part of your on-line marketing strategy.